Brown, Thomas Timpani: The Solo Collection

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  • Brown, Thomas

    Timpani: The Solo Collection

    Popular collection of intermediate to advanced level solos used by New York, Texas and others. Written to include common challenges often encountered by today's timpanist. Meter changes, tuning changes and dynamic contrasts are carefully introduced throughout the collection. Includes individually graded works for two, three and four drums. A fourth section features five longer, challenging solos. A Federation Festivals 2020-2024 selection. Includes: •  Armenian Days (4 drums)
    •  Cajun Dance
    •  Dance Piece
    •  Fan Fair
    •  Fivettes
    •  Introduction & Allegro
    •  March & Dance
    •  Maverick
    •  Opus for Timpani
    •  Processional
    •  Rondola
    •  Tensity
    •  Timpani Work
    •  Timpanietta

    (Fan Fair)
    (Dance Piece)
    (Introduction & Allegro)

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