Various (Stith) Classic Beginning Solos for the Complete Percussionist

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    Classic Beginning Solos for the Complete Percussionist (Stith)

    Collection of 15 solos by various Kendor composers for snare drum, mallets & tympani. This exciting compilation edited by Gary Stith contains popular snare drum, mallet, and timpani contest solos for grade 1-3 percussionists by John H. Beck, Thomas A. Brown, Jeffrey M. Funnell, Murray Houllif, James L. Moore, and Kristen Shiner-McGuire. This book can also be used effectively with college percussion methods classes to introduce music education majors to standard repertoire for young students, and to challenge their own performance skills in a comprehensive, sequential manner. - the publisher

    Snare drum solos: BROWN Flim Flam; Snare Force; FUNNELL Kay Dance; Trident; HOULIFF Wolfgang's Flam-Bang; Rudimental Regiment.

    Timpani solos: BECK Grand Teton; BROWN Rockets Red; March of the Mosquitos; Roll Aid; HOULIFF Mambo Por Favor; Roller Blade.

    Mallets: HOULIFF A Minor-Major Cha-Cha; Walt's Waltz; Chromatic Caper; The Camel; MCGUIRE Mixolydia.

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