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    Snare Drum Duets, w/Audio

    15 elementary to intermediate duets. The CD includes professional performances of each track individually, as well as a complete duet performance for each piece. NOTE: This book is incorrectly identified on some state contest lists as "The Competition Collection - Snare Drums Duets." This book is correctly titled "Snare Drum Duets." -cdp

    Snare Drum Duets is a collection of graded (three levels) duets for two snare drums designed to be a training tool for young drum players. Compared to playing solos alone, performing a duet with another performer teaches balance, precision and concentration skills, which are required for any kind of ensemble playing from rock and jazz to orchestral situations. The book comes with downloadable audio of the duet performance, as well as additional performance tracks for Part 1 and Part 2, for play-along purposes. Students of these duets will learn precision use of both stick on the drum in unison, balance between performers, control of matched dynamics, accents, stick bounces and much more. -the publisher

    •  Danger, Snares Ahead
    •  One-for-the-Money
    •  Power Play
    •  Two-for-the-Show
    •  A Pound Of Snares, Please
    •  Stomp Watch
    •  Two-To-Get-Ready
    •  Let's Roll
    •  Four Runner
    •  False Start
    •  Stick Figures
    •  Little Horse on the Prairie
    •  Pitch and Catch
    •  A Snare Affair
    •  Two-To-Go

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