Schinstine, William Southern Special Drum Solos

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  • Schinstine, William

    Southern Special Drum Solos

    A popular collection of 28 snare drum solos, plus four duets and one trio, often used for contests, auditions and recitals in Texas, New York and elsewhere. Contents:
    •  SCHINSTINE: The Big Beat
    •  SCHINSTINE: A Bit of Whichcraft
    •  SCHINSTINE: Blue Plate Special
    •  SCHINSTINE: Cream and Sugar
    •  SCHINSTINE: Cut and Dry, But Rough
    •  SCHINSTINE: Cut Rate
    •  SCHINSTINE: Doodler's Delight
    •  SCHINSTINE: Double Diddle
    •  SCHINSTINE: Flamingo
    •  SCHINSTINE: On the Warpath
    •  SCHINSTINE: P's and Cues
    •  SCHINSTINE: Popping Paradiddles
    •  SCHINSTINE: Rada-Ma-Bop
    •  SCHINSTINE: Rig-A-Ma-Roll
    •  SCHINSTINE: Rocket Rangers
    •  SCHINSTINE: Roll Call
    •  SCHINSTINE: Simple Swingin'
    •  SCHINSTINE: Southern Special
    •  SCHINSTINE: Stick Waltz
    •  SCHINSTINE: Stick With It
    •  SCHINSTINE: Sweet Tooth Suite
     •   Chocolate Bar March
     •   Waltz of the Ice Cream Cones
     •   Dance of the Bon-Bons
    •  SCHINSTINE: Three Ply
    •  SCHINSTINE: Three's a Crowd (Trio)
    •  SCHINSTINE: Time for a Change
    •  SCHINSTINE: Turn About Is Fair Play
    •  SCHINSTINE: Two Gun Pete (Duet)
    •  SCHINSTINE: Two Small Fry (Duet)
    •  SCHINSTINE: Two Timer (Duet)
    •  SCHINSTINE: Two-Way March
    •  SCHINSTINE: Twosome (Duet)
    •  SCHINSTINE: Variety
    •  SCHINSTINE: What a Drag
    •  SCHINSTINE: Wrap It Up

    (Doodlers Delight)
    (Stick Waltz)
    (Three Ply)

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