Beethoven, Ludwig Van (Wallner) Easy Sonatas (2), op 49

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  • Beethoven, Ludwig Van (Wallner)

    Easy Sonatas (2), op 49 (Wallner)

    Romantic. The opus number of Beethoven's Easy Piano Sonatas op. 49 is misleading. The pieces were written not long after the Sonatas op. 2, and most likely - in part, at least - before his Sonata op. 7. Sketches can be found in the "Kafka Miscellany" sketchbook, which Beethoven used for several years both in Bonn and subsequently in Vienna until the late 1790s. The second sonata seems to be the earlier of the two. The composer also reprised the theme of the second movement, Tempo di Menuetto, for theMenuet in the Septet op. 20. It is one of his best-known piano pieces, which just about every budding pianist encounters early in his lessons.

    G. Henle URTEXT edition. Contains:
    •  Sonata No 19 in Gm, op 49, no 1
    •  Sonata No 20 in G, op 49, no 2

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