Gillock, William Lyric Preludes in Romantic Style

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  • Gillock, William

    Lyric Preludes in Romantic Style

    Lyric Preludes is an introduction to the whole Romantic period -- from Chopin and Schumann to Brahms and Debussy. Like Chopin, Gillock has written 24 preludes featuring all major and minor keys. But his preludes aren't just imitations of other composer'sstyles, they are valid, original works. An essential book for all pianists. -the publisher

    Contains: Forest Murmurs; Seascape; October Morning; Deserted Ball Room; Legend; Interlude; Song of the Mermaid; Summer Storm; A Faded Letter; Dragon Fly; Moonlight Mood; Autumn Sketch; Procession of the Mandarin; Winter Scene; Serenade; Humming Bird; Fountain of Diana; Phantom Rider; Soaring; The Silent Snow; Night Song; Night Journey; An Old Valentine; A Witch's Cat.

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