On July 1st, 2018, the new NYSSMA Manual (volume 32) went into effect. Our NYSSMA website is now in the process of catching up. As you might imagine, this will take a little time. We plan to have it complete by the start of school in September. You can readily tell if a section is updated by looking at the dates on the page. The new Manual covers the years 2018-2021, and updated pages will show this. Older, non-updated pages will still show 2015-2018. Below is a list of the updated pages for your convenience. There have been changes from the old Manual, some significant (Edition Musicus is back, for one!), but overall, the listings are much as they were. Stay tuned!

As always, please refer to your current NYSSMA Manual for final say on permissible works and other stipulations. This website is a sub-set of the complete Manual and is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. Need a new Manual? Order Now, either the complete Manual with Binder or just the 2018-2021 Insert (for your existing binder).

Current Category Status

Wind Solos: Complete
Brass Solos: Complete
String Solos: Complete
Percussion Solos: Complete
Piano Solos: Complete
Vocal Solos: Complete

Mixed Wind Ensembles: Pending
Mixed Brass Ensembles: Pending
Mixed String Ensembles: Pending
Mixed Chamber Ensembles: Pending

Flute Ensembles: Duets Complete - Balance Pending
Oboe Ensembles: Pending
Clarinet Ensembles: Pending
Bassoon Ensembles: Pending
Saxophone Ensembles: Pending

Trumpet Ensembles: Pending
Horn Ensembles: Duets, Trios, Quartets updated - More titles to be added
Trombone Ensembles: Pending
Tuba Ensembles: Pending

Violin Ensembles: Pending
Viola Ensembles: Pending
Cello Ensembles: Pending
Double Bass Ensembles: Pending

Snare Drum Ensembles: Pending
Marimba & Xylophone Ensembles: Pending
Percussion Ensembles: Pending