Davis, Michael Total Trombone - 13 Etudes w/Audio

Trombone Studies & Etudes

  • Davis, Michael

    Total Trombone - 13 Etudes w/Audio

    13 etudes in various forms with CD accompaniment help the trombonist focus his or her practice on three most important aspects of playing - time, intonation and pitch. These energizing etudes cover all aspects of contemporary trombone playing. These comprehensive studies run the gamut of styles and approaches: scales, intervals, four part chorale, jazz phrasing, rock horn section, upper and lower registers, lead playing, etc. The accompanying CD enables you to play along with a trombone quartet, an acoustic rhythm section, a rock horn section, a big band trombone section, as well as contemporary, synthesizer tracks. An important resource for all trombonists.

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    (Etude 26 - Rock Horns)

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