DeWert, Giaches (Amend) Canzona (1581)

Brass Quintets

  • DeWert, Giaches (Amend)

    Canzona (1581) (Amend) [211.01]

    Renaissance. Giaches de Wert was born in the Netherlands in 1535 and spent his creative life in Italy. He joined the court chapel of the Duke of Mantua and was appointed maestro di cappella in 1565, a position he held until his death on May 6, 159. However, about 1580 he stayed for a period at the nearby court of Ferrara as a court composer. He is known especially for his madrigals, having completed eleven books for five voices and one for four voices. As a musician he was well respected by many including: Palestrina, Thomas Morley, G.B. Doni, and Vincenzo Galilei.
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