Bozza, Eugene New Orleans

Bass Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Bozza, Eugene

    New Orleans

    20th Century. French Conservatory. New Orleans was written for French bass trombonist Paul Bernard. The piece has three clearly defined sections and contains many of the characteristic motifs of Bozza. The influence of the jazz style is unmistakable, andthe imagery of the emotional extremes of New Orleans are vividly evoked by the music. This piece is a staple in the bass trombone solo literature and favorite of European audition committee. Although through-composed, the compositional style of the pieceallows for a wide degree of interpretation, especially in the opening cadenza. --DP Pollard (from CD liner notes)

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Justin Clark, on Permanent Transcience - CD 101544 Θ - Jos Jansen, on Blue Topaz - CD 37445
    Θ - Eric Klay, on Windsong - CD 36377
    Θ - Denson Paul Pollard, on Up From Below - CD 43352
    Θ - Ben Van Dijk, on First Song - CD 47683
    Θ - Ben Van Dijk, on Nana - CD 36881

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