Wilder, Alec (Schuller) Sonata

Bass Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Wilder, Alec (Schuller)

    Sonata (Schuller)

    20th Century (1971). American composer. Another of the "Top 10" bass trombone works, the Wilder Sonata employs a jazz approach and is reminiscent of mid-20th Century jazz and popular (pre-rock) music. Set in five movements, the work requires the player to "loosen up" and yet maintain time and accuracy. It is especially well written for the bass trombone, perfectly idiomatic, lying well and taking advantage of its unique range possibilities among other things. Wilder was well known in his day as a writer of popular songs, many of which were recorded by Frank Sinatra. Dedicated to the International Trombone Association. -cdp

    (mvt. I)
    (mvt. II)
    (mvt. III)
    (mvt. V)

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Randall Hawes, on Barn Burner - CD 106979
    Θ - Don Knaub, on Retread - CD 51458
    Θ - Charles Vernon, on Bass Trombone - CD 53749

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