Tull, Fisher Sarabande & Gigue

Alto Sax Solos w/Piano

  • Tull, Fisher

    Sarabande & Gigue

    20th century. American composer. Sarabande and Gigue was written in 1976 at the request of saxophonist Kenneth Deans who, with Raymond Gotko, premiered the work at the World Saxophone Congress in London in July that year. Tull and Deans collaborated closely regarding the technical and expressive qualities of the saxophone including the altissimo register and the pizzicato effects of the "slap-tongue" technique in the low range of the instrument. The total compass of the saxophone is extended to three and one-half octaves. The two movements are based on the traditional Baroque dance forms in regard to the general tempo and charater, however the regula. The tonal scheme is generally formulated around the Lydian mode with free excursions into various tonal regions. Duration 5:30 minutes. - the publisher.


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