Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Raph) Characteristic Studies (14)

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  • Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Raph)

    Characteristic Studies (14) (Raph)

    Excerpted from revised Carl Fischer edition of the complete Arban's Method (097572 or 107862). The Characteristic Studies themselves are highly technical etudes of moderate length. They dwell on rudimentary technical features such as scales, intervals, chords and chromatics. Keys are conservative, mostly staying close to C on the flat side of the wheel, with an occasional reach out to Db or Gb. The Studies are presented in a way so that the player can better tie together nuts and bolts technical playing with the art of making music. The 2018 revised edition cleans up the engraving and makes the music easier to read by starting all etudes on the left page and removing all the ugly pages turns. Only the final etude, which spreads over three pages,still retain a page turn. -cdp

    This new edition of Jean Baptiste Arban's Fourteen Characteristic Studies for Trombone, edited by Alan Raph, was specifically written to "provide the student with suitable material with which to test his powers of endurance," according to Arban himself.

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