Fucik, Julius (Stewart) Old Grumbler - Concert Polka

Woodwind Quintets

  • Fucik, Julius (Stewart)

    Old Grumbler - Concert Polka (Stewart) [1111-1]

    Also known as "The Old Brown Bear."

    "The piece tells a story: an old fellow, the 'grumbler', goes to his favorite bar one evening for a quiet glass or two of schnapps. He slips into a mood of reveries and reminicences, as represented by the slower lyrical passages. But to the next table come a few blades of the younger generation, who not only interrupt the peaceful ambience but actually make fun of the old fellow and his ways. A dialogue ensues: fast music alternates with slower. But the 'grumbler' shows more spirit than we might imagen. Suffice to say...he has the last word!" (the Arranger) Bassoon part portrays the Grumbler. Score & parts. -AP

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