Cordero Variations & Theme - SCORE

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    Variations & Theme - SCORE [1111-1]

    20th Century. 12-Tone. Virtuosic and challenging piece for any professional woodwind quintet, that consists of the following movements: Prelude, Variations I-V, Interlude I, Variations VI-IX, Interlude II and Theme. Based on a 12-Tone Set and includes some note bending in the aleatoric Prelude and Interludes. Cordero is a Panamanian composer who was once the Assistant Director of the Latin American Music Center. Flute doubles on Piccolo. Clarinet in Bb. Duration: 15'. Parts sold separately as item #6258. -AP

    For standard 1111-1 wind quintet of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn.

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    • Grade/Level: Grade 7 - Virtuosic
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