Buckley, Lewis City of Fire - Ciudad del Fuego

Double Reed Quartets

  • Buckley, Lewis

    City of Fire - Ciudad del Fuego [ODEB doublereed quartet]

    La Ciudad del Fuego (The City of Fire) was commissioned in 2008 by the Jersey City Arts High School Wind Ensemble. When the students were asked what kind of piece they would like to have written for them, they asked for a Latin piece. The result was thiswork, which is in a three-part ABA form. The A theme is, as the title indicates, fiery and energetic, while the center B theme is a lovely mixed meter ballad, still with a Latin feel. It is a fun, lively work quite suitable for a high point in any concert, such as the closing piece in either the first or second half. This double reed quartet is written for oboe, oboe d'amore, english horn & bassoon (ODEB).
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