Fishman, Greg Jazz Saxophone Duets, v.1

Saxophone Duets

  • Fishman, Greg

    Jazz Saxophone Duets, v.1 [Music Minus One]

    This book offers maximum flexibility, giving saxophonists the choice of playing with two altos, two tenors, or alto and tenor. Edictally, after the duet is played once through, there are extra choruses for soloing. This allows the saxophonists to musically communicate with each other by trading choruses, or trading phrases during the solo sections of the play-along tracks.

    Jazz is a language. We are all striving to be fluent in this language, and the best way to learn any language is to be constantly surrounded by native'll never sound authentic unless you imitate the actual sound of native speakers. The sameis true in the language of jazz. This book will help you develop your ear and mind so that you can become adept at expressing yourself through your own improvisations. - the composer.

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