Slabihoudek Moments (3)

Clarinet Trios (3 Clarinets)

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    Moments (3) [SSB]

    21st Century (2015). The titular Three Moments are set into baroque forms, but the material itself is not inspired by that era. The first movement is very static with pulsing rhythm and three "screams" in the solo clarinet. They build to the third scream, when the first clarinet finally persuades the second to do the same. The Gigue is a riddle. There are three one-bar models and three five-bars melodies, all this in 5/8 metre. Every player gets the chance to explore each model and melody, but always in different circumstances. The Fugue is very academic (apart from allusions to the first movement at the end). There is twelfth interval in the theme which creates a feeling of more than three-voice fugue in some parts. -the publisher

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