Gabrieli, Giovanni (Baldwin) Sonata No 21 a4 (1615), Ch.214

Trumpet Trios w/Organ

  • Gabrieli, Giovanni (Baldwin)

    Sonata No 21 a4 (1615), Ch.214 (Baldwin)

    Renaissance. Modern brass players are familiar with the instrumental music of Giovanni Gabrieli (1551-1612) through various editions of his works. They have accepted as standard brass repertoire the 4-part and 8-part works that appear in Alessandro Rauerij's 1608 collection Canzoni per Sonare con Ogni Sorte di Stromeni; the sixteen instrumental works in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15- parts which appear in the Sacrae Symphoniae (1597); and the twenty larger ensembles (5-, 6-, -7-, 8-, 10-, 12-,14-, 15-, and 22-parts) in the Canzoni e Sonate... per Sonar con Ogni Sortie de Instrumenti (1615). Overlooked until now has been "Sonata No. 21" from the Canzoni e Sonate which was published in Venice by Bartholomeo Magni. Gabrieli gave the instrumentation as "con tre violini overo altri instrumenti" ("three violins or other instruments") and the basso part has the indication "Se piace" ("ad libitum").

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    The present transcription for three trumpets (or clarinets) has been transposed down a major third to facilitate performance on modern instruments. Performers should consider the following options in selecting instrumentation: 3 trumpets and trombone, 3 trumpets and keyboard accompaniment (with optional trombone), 3 clarinets and bassoon (or bass clarinet), 3 clarinets and keyboard accompaniment (with optional bassoon or bass clarinet). An appropriate bass instrument doubling the lowest keyboard line was a custom observed in Gabrieli's time. The present editor of this performance edition has provided dynamics, articulations, bar lines, ties, and the keyboard realization. Musica ficta has also been employed. It is hoped that "Sonata No. 21" will be accepted by brass and woodwind players as another fine example of Giovanni Gabrieli's beautiful style of composition. -the publisher

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