Various (Music Medals series) Clarinet Ensemble Pieces, Bronze

Clarinet Duets (2 Clarinets)

  • Various (Music Medals series)

    Clarinet Ensemble Pieces, Bronze (Music Medals series) [duets, trios, quartets]

    Music Medals Clarinet Ensemble Pieces are five volumes of enjoyable and accessible repertoire. Each volume contains original pieces and imaginative arrangements for duets, trios and quartets which are excellent material for mixed-ability groups as well as being an exciting resource for the individual musician. These are designed to be fun pieces and arrangements in various styles and are ideal group-teaching material for the developing ensemble. - publisher

    Each line of each piece is rated according to its level of difficulty. Copper is for beginning level students, Bronze is approximately level 1, Silver is level 2, Gold is an easier level 3, Platinum is more of a typical level 3 or 4. This series can really be helpful to teachers trying to combine players of slightly different abilities into an ensemble setting. -pc

    This volume contains ensembles primarily for level 1 players with some beginning and level 2 parts as well. Includes: ADAMS: Teacher on a Pogo Stick ; The Reverends Go Rollerblading; CHAPPLE: Ready, Or Not?; COWLES: A Didgeridoodle; The Hammock Swings; DANDRIEU: Gavotte; HARRIS: A Festive Fiesta in Chester; Carousel; Sticky Toffee Tango; HAUGHTON: Ebony Blues; KONIG: Humoresque; RAE: Spicy Noodles; VIVALDISpring, from The Four Seasons; TUCKER: Sunny Intervals; TRADITIONAL: Clean Pea Strae.

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