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    Rag, A Stomp & A Reel, w/Audio (Bratt)

    Fiddling cellist, Renata Bratt, presents breakdowns, rags, waltzes, reels, songs, and stomps. American fiddle music is fun for cellists at all levels. Arranged from easy to intermediate, this book contains Appalachian dance tunes, Texas-style contest tunes, old-time, and bluegrass music with an authentic cello accompaniment for each tune. From first position with simple rhythms through fifth position with syncopated rhythms, learn or reinforce left-hand technique with extensions, shifting, and fast passage work. For the right-hand, fiddle tunes use string crossing, rhythmic bowing patterns and an ever-changing use of slurs and accents to create compelling rhythms. Join in with fiddle-style players, learn new styles and enhance your playing. Includes access to online audio.
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