Hook, James (Feldman) Cello Power, v.1

Cello Duets (2 Cellos)

  • Hook, James (Feldman)

    Cello Power, v.1 (Feldman)

    Thumb Position Duets for Two Cellos. The first in a series of books designed to expand the cello student's technical facility, Cello Power: Book 1 - Thumb Position Duets for Two Cellos focuses on strengthening the difficult skill set surrounding thumb position in the left hand. World renowned cellist and pedagogue, Marion Feldman, has arranged these classic duets by James Hook with this goal in mind. Each duet features two parts of equal difficulty written in treble and tenor clef, allowing students to switch parts, accompany each other, or play with their teacher. This book is an excellent transitional tool between the initial introduction of thumb position technique and the more advanced studies by Popper, Grutzmacher, and Piatti. -the publisher
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