Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Wiese) Serenade No 12 in Cm, K.388 (384a) - parts

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  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Wiese)

    Serenade No 12 in Cm, K.388 (384a) - parts (Wiese) [0222-2]

    On June 8, 1781, Mozart was released from his service in Salzburg, after receiving the oft cited "kick in the backside," and now had to make his own way as a freelancer. He was hoping to improve his financial situation through the office of "young PrinceLiechtenstein, who would like to start a wind band, for which I am to write the music," He wrote this on January 23, 1782 to his father, and continued "this would not bring in very much, it is true, but at least it would be something certain." "I've had to turn out a serenade on short order": these lines from Mozart to his father offer a glimpse into the everyday life of a composer dependent on patronage. Mozart was about to be married when he pulled this wind piece out of his hat. Yet the results are far removed from the detached, courtly style of the serenade: the work opens full of earnestness and profundity in the gloomy key of C minor. The high opinion Mozart had of this octet is evident in the fact that he later arranged it for string quintet. For 0222.2 octet (2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons & 2 french horns). Horns are in Eb. Parts only. Score available, see item 56131.

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