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  • Arne, Thomas (Brand)

    Rule, Britannia (Brand)

    Traditional. Patriotic. Compact Band set - all four instrumental parts included in this one set - no need to purchase additional books. Includes a full score and the following parts: Part 1 for flute/clarinet/alto sax/trumpet; Part 2 for flute/oboe/clarinet/alto sax/trumpet; Part 3 for clarinet/tenor sax/trumpet/horn; Part 4 for clarinet/bassoon/bari sax/horn/trombone/euphonium/tuba; snare drum; percussion; piano. Besides a variety of concert band and wind ensemble formations, using these parts a woodwind, sax or brass quartet can also be formed, or any number of other less common 4-part instrumental arrangements. Includes full score.
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