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    Klezmer Music - 12 Arrangements (Diedrich)

    Set of 12 traditional Klezmer tunes set for small combo. Parts include melody 1 (in C or Bb), melody 2 (in C or Bb), bass (optional cello) & piano (with guitar chords). Includes score & parts.

    This volume offers all the material you need for authentic performances of new and familiar pieces. Henner Diederich , a teacher of folk music and arrangement at the Cologne Musikhochschule , has gained a reputation with his many publications, especiallyin the klezmer field. Here he presents twelve klezmer arrangements for variable ensemble: melody, counter-melody, guitar chords and bass line.

    The twelve pieces are arranged for an "open scoring " , i.e. you can choose the instruments, add octave doublings, leave out voices or improvise your own ideas to suit your taste. They offer a glimpse into the typically bittersweet melody and harmony of Yiddish music , which emerged from a mixture of Yid-dish, Slavic, Rumanian and German stylistic elements and is currently undergoing a revival in the folk music scene.

    Di Mesinke ojsgegebn / Gave away the youngest daughter
    Di Tsimbl / The Cimbalom
    Dos Lidl fun goldenem Land / Little song of the golden land
    Frejlechs / Joyful
    Her nor, du sheyn meydele / Listen pretty maiden
    Jankele mit Rivkele / Jankele and Rivkele
    Sherele / Little shears
    Jiddischer Tanz / Yiddish dance
    Shabbes soll seyn / Shabbes shall be
    7 Uhr 40 / 7:40 a.m.
    Un as der Rebbe lacht / And when the Rabbi laughs
    Das Zitr”nchen / The little lemon

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