Morales, Erik Metallic Fury

Trumpet Quintets

  • Morales, Erik

    Metallic Fury

    21st Century (2112). Designed primarily as a contest piece, "Metallic Fury" is a virtuosic showcase to test the capabilities of trumpet technique and ensemble unity. The work unfolds in three contrasting sections. The first is characteristically excitingand heroic. It intones this mood from the very first ascending bell-tone in measure 1; a clear declaration of aggressiveness and superiority. The second section features everyone on flugelhorn and speaks in stark contrast to the other sections of the work. The third section has similar characteristics to the first but is slightly faster and more challenging. "Metallic Fury" was designed and conceived for performance at the 00 National Trumpet Competition (Fairfax, Virginia, USA) by the top Grand Valley State University Trumpet Ensemble (Allendale, Michigan).

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