Morales, Erik Cityscapes

Trumpet Quintets

  • Morales, Erik


    21st Century (2005). "Cityscapes" is a three movement work for five Bb trumpets. Each movement gives a caricature of city life "under the microscope". The first part entitled "Rush Hour" is a light and somewhat comical movement that depicts the morning commute into the city. The second part, entitled "Skyscrapers", attempts to portray the grandeur and magnificence of the city's skyline. The third and final part, entitled "Rhythm of the City", is a musical essay that describes how a city is always teeming with action and is never at rest. This final movement features an unusual percussive effect of tapping the mouthpiece to create active layered rhythmic patterns. Rushing interlocking 16th notes at blinding speeds and sudden pyramidal effects create a thrilling ride that will leave you breathless. - publisher / pc

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