Buss, Howard Showdown

10 Trombones (Dectets)

  • Buss, Howard


    21st Century. Showdown for 10-part trombone choir by Howard Buss was composed during the latter months of 2009 for Nathaniel Brickens, The University of Texas-Austin Trombone Choir, and the 2010 International Trombone Festival. This entertaining work is a musical depiction of two opposing groups of cowboys. Each group is comprised of a soloist and 4 "companions." Following the initial fanfare, the groups individually showcase their musical prowess. Eventually they clash in a riveting sonic "gunfight." Showdown mixes Buss' unique style of soaring lyricism, energetic rhythms, and colorful harmonies with forceful and idiomatic writing for the trombones.

    This lengthy, single movement work is well within the reach of a college or advanced high-school group. The parts are not terribly difficult, but they do require rhythmic precision and accurate entrances to be effective. The rhythmic elements are not hard in and of themselves, but they really have to be in the right place, otherwise their effect will be lost. For two quintets of solo tenor, 3 tenors and bass. All parts in bass clef. -cdp

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