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  • Michel, Jean-Francois

    Kaleidoscopic Fanfares [16 trumpets w/timpani & perc]

    21st Century (2013). The kaleidoscope is a tube which can be manipulated at will to have multicolored little objects producing endless graphic drawings as a result of a shifting combination of mirrors. In fact, it's creating a fast succession of quick aleatoric sensations. These Kaleidoscopic Fanfares are a "sound transcription" of the kaleidoscope's visual effects. The 16 trumpet voices are divided into 4 distinct choirs. Each group, including the percussion has its highlights. With the specific placement of the groups on stage and the thematic distribution of the voices, I tried to evoke acoustical effects generated by the sound distribution in the space. It is advisable to make acoustical tests to determine the most ideal distances among the trumpet groups and the best choice of stage settings within the context of the basic disposition of the groups (see plan below).

    Description of the work: A percussion theme introduces the successive and breaking melodic waves of the four trumpet choirs. This initial burst ends with an initial fanfare followed by a sequence in a soft dynamic. Two waves in crescendo are ending thisfirst part with a glorious theme fading out in diminuendo. In the second part, choirs I and II are playing hymn-like fragments interrupted by short fanfare breaks from choirs III and IV. The hymn-like sequences played by choirs I and II then evolve into an imposing hymn which leads to a spectacular percussion solo. The third part starts with a march kind of rhythm played by the snare and bass drums on which the different trumpet choirs play short, conversation-like virtuoso figures. The work's conclusion involves a return to the rhythm of the beginning with a solemn theme and a blazing accompaniment creating spectacular sound fireworks worthy of an International Trumpet Guild meeting!
    - Jean-Fran‡ois Michel, October 2013, Courtepin. Switzerland

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