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  • Blanc, J. (Yancich)

    Grand Duets (Yancich)

    These duets are ideal for the teacher who wishes to accompany his student. They are an excellent study for transposition experience. Best of all, the duets are charming and musically delightful to perform. The first set of Grand Duets, No. 1 through 13, are written for two horns in treble clef and can be played on the natural horn. No. 14 through 31 are also in treble clef but written for the valve horn. The next group of 30 duets is designed for French horn in treble clef and for a bass clef instrumentin concert key. Thus, the second part could be performed on the following instruments: French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, bassoon, cello, bass, and piano. The last 12 duets in the book are written for two horns in E-flat. -the publisher
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