Kohler, Ulrich Essais (3)

14-Part Brass Choirs (Quatuordectet)

  • Kohler, Ulrich

    Essais (3) [803.21]

    20th Century (1968). These three pieces were commissioned by my friend and publisher Jean-Pierre Mathez and the first performance was conducted by him on the 3rd of July 1968 by the student brass ensemble during the annual Conservatory award ceremonies in the City Theater of Lausanne (Switzerland) -Ulrich Kohler, July 2012, Yverdon, Switzerland

    "[...] Ulrich Kohler's "Trois essais" [Three essays] reveal a skillful architecture in an economical and precise language. I enjoyed strongly certain sound structures reminiscent of Stravinsky's Symphony in three movements. A very talented and expressive character has come forward here [...]" (Extract of the press release written by Swiss composer Jean Perrin [1920-1989] in the local press Gazette de Lausanne, July 6 1968.)

    These three short movements are like three subtle and delicate sound kaleidoskopes which illustrate the considerable resources in macro and micro contrasts (sound colors, articulations, dynamics) of brass instruments. Score & parts.

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