Buzbee, Tim Tubifer's Saga

Tuba-Euphonium Trios

  • Buzbee, Tim

    Tubifer's Saga [TTT w/narrator]

    21st Century (2013). Tubifer's Saga was written in the summer of 2008. I was in Sweden during Midsummer Festival and continued to have a beautiful melody running through my head. I would hum the melody offend until my wife Jess told me to either write it down or stop humming. I took a nice bottle of wine to the computer and started to write this melody down. At the end of the process something so beautiful ended up being very scary. Tubifer is just a collection of a few issues that a working tubisthas to deal with on a daily bases. As with any great tuba angel, Tubifer fights a good fight and never gives up. I hope you enjoy your battle as much as I have enjoyed mine! -the publisher
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