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Tuba-Euphonium Quartets

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    Homework [TTTT or EETT.]

    21st Century (2012). When I was in school I hated homework. Very often I just did not do it, got bad grades from the teachers and my parents were unhappy.
    When Mr. James Self commissioned "a" piece, I had an idea to try to transform dry logical structures to music. Here it is!
    Biology-Cells: the musical material starts with a structure like a DNA cell and makes different mutations.
    Chemistry: every note is a name of a chemical such as H (hydrogen) Ca (calcium), Fe (iron), Ga (gallium), Ge(germanium), Ag (silver), Cd (cadmium), Ba (barium), Hf (hafnium), Hg (mercury), Db (dubnium)
    Physics: a dynamic is an amount of energy. Changing this energy helps composers dramatize their music. This is an exercise in going far with dynamics, staying perfectly in tune and keeping in balance.
    Mathematics: Prime numbers (2,3,5,7,11, etc) are the numbers which can only be divided with 1 or with itself. I played around with all the possibilities of making these dry structures become music.
    Homework done! With love for my parents!

    -the composer

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