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  • Buss, Howard

    Prayer [10E+2T or 8E-4T, etc]

    21st Century (2015). PRAYER for 12-part tuba-euphonium ensemble by Howard J. Buss is a beautiful, meditative work designed to be performed in a concert venue or as a musical offering in a house of worship. Its reverent quality is enhanced by the rich sonority and organ-like quality of the large trombone ensemble. The musical language is sophisticated, yet accessible to general audiences. It begins with a lyrical 12-tone melody that is symbolic of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The dodecaphonic reference also relates to the instrumentation: In the concluding section, the twelve pitches of the opening melody are presented with each player assigned to one pitch. A reverent atmosphere permeates the musical tapestry throughout. Prayer is accessibleto amateur and high school-level players. -the publisher
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