Thibault, Thierry Gulf Stream (2004)

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  • Thibault, Thierry

    Gulf Stream (2004) [4E+6T]

    21st Century (2004). "The Gulf Stream is a powerful warm marine stream that crosses the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico north to Iceland. It represents a significant factor in the climatic regulation between the equator and the north and south poles. The waters of this stream have retained their relatively high temperatures, especially in latitudinal terms, by the time they have reached the European coast. Consequently, as the result of the effects of the Gulf Stream, Northwestern Europe is the beneficiary of a relatively comfortable and mildly humid climate instead of a very cold and dry tundra-like environment. This piece follows musically the route of Gulf Stream. The first movement reflects the beginning of the journey, when the stream is at its highest temperature. The second movement represents the voyage along the European coastal areas and their resultant warming. The third movement takes it to the North Pole and then diving into the abyss of the return to the South." -the composer
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