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    Food for Thought

    21st Century (2017). Food For Thought is a two-movement tour de force for tuba and piano. Commissioned by tubist Dr. Matthew Hightower for inclusion on his debut CD and his 2017-18 touring season, Food For Thought is a musical representation of two of the principal neurotransmitters that shape our thinking and our perception of the world around us: 5-Hydroytryptamine, a "calming" neurotransmitter (also known as serotonin); and Adrenaline, a "stimulating" neurotransmitter.

    The first movement explores serotonin, specifically its association with regulating mood balance, happiness, and an overall sense of wellbeing. The second movement gregariously speeds through a high-energy exploration of adrenaline, known for its centralrole in fueling the "flight or fight" response.

    Matthew Hightower, in addition to being a celebrated tubist, is an award-winning composer, and this made for a dynamic collaborative effort on Food for Thought. Before I began work on the piece, I asked Matt if he would be interested in sitting at his composer's desk to write an opening musical idea for the first movement and a closing musical idea for the second. Matt responded with a handful of delightful, well-crafted measures of music, and I diligently forged ahead to incorporate and develop them into the two movements of Food For Thought. Meanwhile, my brain happily bathed in copious amounts of serotonin and adrenaline. -the publisher

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