Buss, Howard Illuminations

Bass Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Buss, Howard


    21st Century. Debuted by Charles Vernon (CSO) at the 2001 International Trombone Festival in Nashville. Illuminations is written in an accessible modern style. The musical language is sophisticated, yet the music has a character that is appealing to general audiences. Illuminations is cast in two contrasting movements. The first Reverie, is contemplative and lyrical. Beautiful, expansive, melodic lines are woven into a gentle, almost mystical musical fabric. The secondmovement, Urban Lights, is an energetic and intense rondo, strongly influenced by jazz, and in one section, funk music. Duration - approx 19 min. Clefs - bass only. Meter - Simple 4/4 with some changes to other x/4 meters. Range - F1 to F4. Grade - 6, Advanced
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    • Grade/Level: Grade 6 - Advanced
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