Lester, Ian Concerto No 1

Tuba Solos w/Percussion

  • Lester, Ian

    Concerto No 1 [w/drum set & piano]

    21st Century (2020). Concerto for Tuba No. 1 for Tuba, Drum Set, and Piano was written for Thomas Stein, professor of tuba and euphonium at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Each of the four movements is given a one-word title which sets the tone for the corresponding movement: Flowing, Dance, Smoke, and Festivities. The first movement sways between several themes including the main "flowing" material and a heavier, eighth note motive that morphs into a buoyant, jazzy groove. The second movement conveys a light-hearted dance, yet there is a stern, ominous undertone always lurking in the shadows. The third movement brings the listener to the 1920s with the performers creating a smooth atmosphere in an era full of intrigue and mystery. The final movement is a non-stop, chaotic ride that gains momentum through groovy syncopations and off-kilter beats. The tubist brings the piece to a rapid-fire close with a head-banging cadenza and the return of the original thematic material. -the publisher

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