Nogueroles, Eduardo Concerto for Tuba & Percussion

Tuba Solos w/Percussion

  • Nogueroles, Eduardo

    Concerto for Tuba & Percussion

    21st Century (2013). The Concerto for Tuba and Percussion is a work designed for solo tuba and percussion quartet. It consists of three intertwined movements: Allegro, Lento and March. In this concerto the tuba is featured as a virtuosic instrument, surrounded by the rich sounds of percussion instruments in different shapes and timbres. The instrumentation, centred in the drums, gives the piece a mystical atmosphere where the rhythm dominates the other musical factors. At times the vibraphone is used to support the harmony of the piece. In principle, the piece is designed to be performed by four percussionists: the first plays timpani and temple blocks, the second plays four tom-toms or drums of different sizes, the third plays a group of drums with skin heads (four different tuned bongos and three congas) and vibraphone, and the fourth plays the drum set. These guidelines, in terms of percussion instruments, need not be used strictly, but can be varied depending on the availability of instruments or sound sensitivity of each performer. -the publisher

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