Corwell, Neal Aboriginal Voices, op 21 w/Audio

Tuba Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Corwell, Neal

    Aboriginal Voices, op 21 w/Audio

    20th century. American composer Neal Corwell. Although Aboriginal Voices is an original composition, the choices of musical and sonic materials for the accompaniment and solo lines were made after listening to many recordings of authentic music of the Aborigines. The melodic and rhythmic characteristics of the native music, as perceived by the composer, were then incorporated into the compositional process for the creation of this new work. The recorded accompaniment features a didjeridoo, simple percussion sounds, and an array of animalistic sounds created by sampling the composer's voice. An introductory cadenza creates a mystical atmosphere, preparing the way for a primal dance. Once the dance begins, its strong rhythmic drive persists throughthe remainder of the composition. A strong low range and crisp consistent single-tonguing are required for an effective performance. Occasional meter changes provide a challenge, and multiphonics are used briefly during the introduction, but there are nogreat technical demands placed upon the soloist in this exciting and stirring staple of the solo tuba repertoire. Duration 7:37 minutes. - the publisher

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