Grant, James Furies (3)

Tuba Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Grant, James

    Furies (3)

    The tuba solo "Three Furies" by Grant remains a integral part of the unaccompanied tuba repertoire. 7'10"

    From the composer: Three Furies for Solo Tuba was composed in January and February of 1993 at the request of tubist Mark Nelson, to whom the work is gratefully dedicated. The surprising - and, indeed, remarkable - flexibility possessed by the tuba inspired a music that is immediate, good-natured and fun, requiring of the performer both keen musicianship and physical stamina. Each of the Three Furies requires virtuoso playing in its own right, offering a multiplicity of distinct rhythms, melodic figures and articulations:

    • Fury I is marked "decidedly jocular" and is a pleasant ramble through the registers of the tuba, featuring angular arpeggios and tonguing demands that one does not usually associate with the instrument.
    • Fury II, in form somewhat reminiscent of a minuet with trio, contrasts series of long, arching arpeggiated figures with an amicable waltz marked "gently inebriated."
    • Fury III is relentless and powerful, exploiting the full dynamic and articulative range of the tuba. Again, the performer is met with technical and interpretive demands not normally encountered in the tuba literature.
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