Shires Q41 Euphonium Outfit, 4-Valve Compensating - lacquered

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    Euphonium Outfit, 4-Valve Compensating - lacquered

    The Q41 euphonium provides balanced feel and ease of playing with the clarity that musicians search for. Featuring a more compact 11.5-inch, two piece, hand-hammered upright bell in standard-weight yellow brass with an unsoldered bead, this compensating euphonium delivers a clear and powerfu sound that projects effortlessly throughout the range of the instrument. At home in any ensemble or solo performance, the Q41 euphonium is an excellent choice for any musician. - the manufacturer

    •  Key of Bb
    •  Compensating system
    •  0.591-inch bore
    •  0.669-inch 4th valve bore
    •  11.5-inch, 2-piece, hand-hammered, standard-weight yellow brass bell with unsoldered bead
    •  Nickel leadpipe
    •  Stainless steel pistons
    •  Large shank mouthpiece receiver
    •  Clear lacquer finish
    •  Q series case
    •  Mouthpiece
    •  Care Kit

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