Shires Q40 Euphonium Outfit, 4-Valve Compensating - lacquered

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    Euphonium Outfit, 4-Valve Compensating - lacquered

    The Q40 euphonium provides an open and free-blowing feel with the clarity of sound and excellent projection that has made S.E. Shires instruments the favorites of players the world over. Featuring a 12-inch, two piece, hand-hammered upright bell in medium-weight yellow brass with a soldered bead, this compensating euphonium delivers a broad and warm timbre throughout the range of the instrument. At home in any ensemble or solo performance, the Q40 euphonium is an excellent choice for any musician. - the manufacturer

    •  Key of Bb
    •  Compensating system
    •  0.591-inch bore
    •  0.669-inch 4th valve bore
    •  12-inch, 2-piece, hand-hammered, medium-weight yellow brass bell with soldered bead
    •  Brass leadpipe
    •  Stainless steel pistons
    •  Large shank mouthpiece receiver
    •  Clear lacquer finish
    •  Q series case
    •  Mouthpiece
    •  Care Kit

    Shires Euphonium Outfit, 4-Valve Compensating - silver plated

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