Stoerl, Johann Georg Christian (Miller) Sonatas (6)

Brass Quartets

  • Stoerl, Johann Georg Christian (Miller)

    Sonatas (6) (Miller) [103.00, 202.00 or 211.00]

    This collection of quartets has been transcribed by Donald Miller from the orginal instrumentation (1 zink and three trombones) to that of a modern brass quartet. Mr. Miller has provided substitute parts so that the collection may be performed with 1 trumpet-3 trombones; 2 trumpets-2 trombones; or trumpet, horn, and 2 trombones. The trumpet parts call for C trumpet for trumpet 1, and Bb trumpet for trumpet 2. The transcriptions are all of medium difficulty, with the top trumpet occasionally ranging as high as concert B (1 ledger) above the staff. Although most of the writing for the bottom trombone part is in the staff, it should be performed on a trigger tenor or bass trombone to facilitate the occasional trigger note and several final low C's. -cdp
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