Sherrard Tuba Rack - Holds 4

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    Tuba Rack - Holds 4

    For bell-front recording style tubas only. Front or top-action valves.

    SHERRARD "Roll-Away" racks are in matching design, made of seasoned oak, finished in natural wood with clear lacquer, mounted on 3-inch solid rubber casters and padded with green plush.

    This equipment has met with universal acceptance in schools throughout the United States and has been acclaimed for its quality of materials, beauty of design and practical use. Each rack is custom made from the finest materials available and tailored to fit the needs of a given situation. The result is a strong, practical, trouble-free rack that will last indefinitely.

    Freight charges are $100 to $350 per rack, depending on location, etc.. ALL racks are shipped direct from the manufacturer via UPS, or UPS Freight for large orders. Freight charges are those assessed by the manufacturer.

    •  Length: 102 inches
    •  Depth: 30 inches
    •  Height: 32 inches
    •  Shipping Weight: 85 pounds

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    • Item: 134290
    • Grade/Level:
    • Price: $640.00

    • (usually ships in 10 to 15 days)