Tuba Essentials The Hug Tuba Stand [for Performance or Storage] 3/4 size right mouthpiece

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    Tuba Stand [for Performance or Storage] 3/4 size right mouthpiece

    The Hug tuba stand is design for all 3/4-sized right hand* tubas and is adjustable to fit all players. The arms are spring loaded to easily pull apart to mount the tuba and then gently close when released to "hug" the tuba. The stand canbe adjusted for both sitting and standing positions. It includes non-marring wheels - the front wheel swivels for mobility and has a lockable brake to remain stationary when needed. - the manufacturer

    This stand makes it easy to play the tuba without worrying about weight or damage to the instrument. Folds down for transport and sets up in three easy steps. Great for beginners, and for those who need assistance holding the horn. Helps solve posture problems by carrying the weight of the horn away from your body. It is also a great way to store the instrument when not in use - just roll it to the storage location for next time. Features include:

    •  For all 3/4 sized right-hand* tubas.
    •  Steel construction.
    •  Capacity to 200 lbs (108 kg).
    •  Precise welding for strength.
    •  Solid Brass Knobs machined to perfection.
    •  Vinyl coverings with end caps to add excellent appearance.
    •  Mobility (three 250 lb capacity 4 inch wheels, front wheel is locking and red in color).
    •  Adjustable for all players.
    •  Upper extension bar for 15 to 20 degree angle when playing.
    •  Collapses for easy carrying.
    •  One year factory warranty.
    •  Made in USA.

    * RIGHT HAND means a tuba whose mouthpiece is on the right of the bell from the player's perspective while playing. Thus to an observer out front, the bell will appear to the right of the player's head. Most front-action piston valve, bell-front tubas are RIGHT hand models. Most rotary valve tubas are also RIGHT hand models. Please confirm mouthpiece placement before ordering to avoid returns and additional shipping charges.

    Tuba Essentials Tuba Stand, 4/4 Size - left side mouthpiece

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