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    Sometime in the late 1980's, Arnold Jacobs gave Canadian Brass tubist Charles Daellenbach his unique mouthpiece to duplicate. Daellenbach did just that, and made copies available on a small scale to others around the world. Now he has collaborated with Robert Tucci of Perantucci Mouthpieces to produce additional copies true to the original, making them available to the wider tuba-playing public.
    Arnold Jacobs, legendary musician and teacher, was famous for his sound. This possessed a vibrant core, great intensity and sonority, unsurpassed tonal beauty and unlimited dynamic range. His mouthpiece was unique; refined to a high point of sophistication and efficiency. The Arnold Jacobs Heritage offers a unique sound, dark in character. The core is clearly defined yet strong and broad. Response is even and flows over a broad compass, the low register is highly efficient and the high range has great stability.
    This mouthpiece will not make you sound like Jake. Neither will a certain York tuba, brand of shoes or any of a number of other mechanical gizmos. Only tons of practice, the right concept and excellent breathing, accompanied by the right horn and perhaps this mouthpice, will get you in the ballpark.
    Primary features include:
    • Narrow rim with clearly defined inner edge.
    • Wide inside diameter of 32.70mm.
    • Deep pear-shaped cup.
    • Large throat of 8.50mm.
    • Graduated backbore.
    • Fully tapered shank.

    Canadian Brass Tuba Mouthpiece

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