WEMSCO 397E Euphonium Wall Hanger

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  • WEMSCO 397E

    Euphonium Wall Hanger

    The WEMSCO hanger is the definitive answer to the annoying problem of euphonium band room storage for schools, corps, military bands and similar organizations. This stand allows you to hang your instrument on the wall safely, keeping it out of the way ofpassers by when not in use.
    • Simple, Quick Installation - two heavy-duty screws are used to attach the hanger to any wall surface. The upper part of the bracket can be adjusted easily to fit each instrument exactly without the use of tools.
    • Adjusts to fit any baritone or euphonium - the hanger grips the instrument firmly and safely, but permits speedy removal and replacement of the horn.
    • Safety - band directors have come to consider the WEMSCO hangers a priority item on their list of music room equipment. Not only are they sturdy and practical, but they are attractive and contribute to the orderly appearance of the band room. Plus -- they protect instruments and prevent damage and maintenance costs.
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