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    Embouchure Training Device

    A unique practice device designed to help strengthen the ring muscles of the face. The U-Trainer is an isometric type device that you place in your mouth and then work your embouchure muscles to compress and decompress the device. The tension on the device can be easily adjusted in many steps, from very easy to very hard. Silent and hands-free, the U-Trainer is an ideal practice tool for everyday use, especially those times when you have to be away from the horn (such as when commuting, working out, TV time or early/late home quiet hours). Appropriate for all wind and brass players. -cdp

    The embouchure efficiency of a wind or brass player is reflected in tonal range and stability during longer playing sessions, and is dependent on the condition of lips and mouth-ring muscles. High demands are placed on the muscles, which in return require consequent training. We recommend regular training with our patented embouchure trainer for brass players. Through regular training with the U-Trainer, you train and build up the embouchure muscles you need for excellent playing. You can also prevent damage to an overexerted embouchure (from difficult repertoire) and prevent injuries due to overplaying. Daily training strengthens your mouth-ring muscles and improves your performance. - the manufacturer

    Some features:

    •  Adjustable tension for a variety of ages, abilities, or practice routines
    •  Silent
    •  Washable
    •  Constructed of clear plastic
    •  Non-irritable to the skin

    U-Trainer Embouchure Training Device - Brass
    (Opens new tab) (skip to 4:17 for a demonstration of use) (in German).
    (Opens new tab) (skip to 4:17 for a demonstration of use) (long version - in German).

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