Bach C190L229 Stradivarius C Trumpet Outfit - lacquer

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    C Trumpet Outfit - lacquer

    In collaboration with Cleveland Orchestra's principal trumpeter, Michael Sachs, the new model C190SL229 delivers the following key features:
    • Newly designed #25 M leadpipe provides stability of intonation and slotting of notes
    • The regular weight #229 yellow brass bell with enhanced engraving has focused projection with the ability to color the sound.
    • The two-piece valve casing offers better feedback to the player and more overtones in the sound.
    • Vincent Bach "Symphonic Series" 1½C mouthpiece, S6511HC4, (24 throat and 24 backbore) which is the most popular combination for a Bach C trumpet.
    • Throwback shop warranty card included as a tribute to how Vincent Bach documented his Mt. Vernon horns.
    • 0.462 large bore
    • Clear lacquer finish
    • 3rd valve slide pin stop
    • Sculpted wide footed bracing
    • Monel pistons
    • Classic Bach deluxe woodshell case

    "The new Bach C Trumpet has the traditional Bach sound - the special richness, depth and ring you can access throughout all ranges and dynamics. The newly designed 25M leadpipe increases evenness, intonation and response. This trumpet offers all the breadth of color and character in tone quality akin to vintage Bach horns." —MICHAEL SACHS, Principal Trumpet, The Cleveland Orchestra

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